In Florida, a CDD (Community Development District) is a local, special purpose government authorized as an alternative method for planning, financing, acquiring, operating and maintaining infrastructure in a planned community. CDDs are intended to help solve Florida's need for quality community infrastructure that addresses the demands of a growing population, without overburdening other area governments and tax-payers. CDDs can establish higher construction standards and provide a long term solution to the operation and maintenance of a community's facilities. CDDs are governed by Florida Statute chapter 190.

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CDD Board Meetings

July 18, 2024 @ 6:00 PM

August 15, 2024 @ 6:00 PM
Regular/Budget Meeting

Meeting held at:
Cory Lake Beach Club, 10441 Cory Lake Drive, Tampa, Florida 33647. Meeting also accessible via Zoom, Meeting ID: 837 3143 1918, Passcode: 123456 or telephonically at +1-305-224-1968, Meeting ID: 837 3143 1918, Passcode: 123456..

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